Role of SEO Manager

What is the purpose of a search engine optimization professional? The primary goal of a SEO professional is to optimize websites and web pages for your clients. The process of optimization can range greatly. Mainly, it involves improving the rankings of web pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

But, contrary to popular belief, this is not the only purpose of SEO services. Often, some SEO services in India serve the purpose of increasing the overall visibility of a website on the internet as a whole. As a result, the optimized website will see significant increases in traffic, visibility and (hopefully) business revenue.

Main Role of Search Engine Optimizers as Follows:

  • Monitoring changes to the website in the SERPs of major search engines
  • Developing strategies for increasing in-bound traffic
  • Monitoring changes to search engine algorithms
  • Studying competing websites and learning from their efforts
  • Website domain name (deciding the domain name)
  • Webpage names and file/directory names(deciding the page names and file names)
  • Deciding Page titles, headers, sub-headers
  • Choosing & embedding relevant keywords throughout the website
  • Making alterations to the copy matter of the website
  • Making changes to the flow and layout of the website & optimizing internal links
  • Making the site search engine readable by working with meta tags & robots.txt files

The search engine optimization professional often requires a great deal of interaction with clients. If you lack clear communication with your clients you will never maximize your business’ potential. This is why solid communication skills are an absolute must in order to enhance your chances for success. It is critical to clearly explain to your clients what benefits your business will provide for them.


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Quality of Good SEO Manager:

  • A good listener
  • A truthfulness and responsible attitude towards the clients.
  • Patience towards your efforts and towards your clients requests
  • A good understanding of the science of search and the internal working of the major search engines
  • A pleasing and helpful nature
  • Selling skills (especially if you plan to run your own business)
  • The ability to grasp new techniques and scientific concepts
  • The habit of reading regularly about the latest SEO news

This means that SEO professionals in India must prescribe to certain ethical codes of conduct that must be adhered to at all times. Proper conduct should be conducted towards the client, the workplace, employees and anyone else involved with a SEO expert in Ahmedabad.

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